2 Ways to Ensure Quality Requirements

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It is very important to know that ‘requirement’ is a very broad term for every project. It involves its own engineering process (Elicitation, Analysis, Modeling, Specifications, Validation & Management) to come to a point to be able to deliver the exact solution that meets all the business needs.

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It’s OK to be yourself

Beyourself | Inspiration | Personal Growth | Motivation | Self Love

How many times have you stopped yourself from saying things that you wanted to say worrying that what impression would it make of you? Would you appear silly, bossy, stupid or arrogant? When was the last morning when you woke up and felt excited about doing what you actually wanted to do rather than what you had to do? When was the last time you had the thought that you didn’t need caffeine to keep you going throughout the day?

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Identifying requirements, the right way

Requirements | Requirement Types | Business Analysis | Business Analyst

Requirements define the needs of the project to provide best of its utility and benefits. If they aren’t clear or analysis is not done properly, it might lead to failure of the project no matter how good the concept and design is.

Just as a system is composed of various functionalities, requirements too are identified in various forms. This categorization of requirements makes analysis process much simpler and clear for all the involved stakeholders.

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Defining Requirements

Requirements | Business Analysis | Business Analyst

All professionals talk about identifying business needs, identifying requirements to create tools so that they can help businesses take better decisions. In your career as an IT professional, I am sure at some point you must have heard terms such as “Requirements”, “Business Requirements”, “Software Requirements”, “Project Requirements”, “Technical Requirements” and the list goes on.

So, what are these requirements?

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4 simple tips for product management

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The key to success for a business depends to some extent on effective management. Organization and coordination of business activities is necessary to achieve the desired objectives. By this blog I would like to share a few managerial tips that can help achieve and maintain the simplicity for your product over the course of the time.

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Setting Expectations Clear

Performance | Expectations | Management and Leadership

Missing project deadlines, poor performance by team members, continuous revisions in the work, not meeting the expectations of the client, internal conflicts, disengagement, loss of profit and the endless issues with the project and management. If you too have faced any of these issues before, then it’s worth to stop for a while and

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