Project Management with Mind Maps

Productivity | Mind Maps | Project Management

Have you ever planned a project or brainstormed an idea? It takes a lot of effort to manage the collected information in a way you can easily traverse through.

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Minimum Viable Product: A concept misunderstood

Startup | MVP | Lean Startup

Minimum Viable Product, is a technique in product development to develop a product with features enough to demonstrate the concept to the early adopters, i.e. a product with just the core features, nothing more.

The term was coined by Frank Robinson and popularized by Steven Blank and Eric Ries

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Learn to plan work: The unscheduled way

Time Management | Productivity

Often at work we have situations when we have tons of work to do, have to juggle with other people's work too and at the end of the day we actually find ourselves struggling with the never ending meetings or procrastinating the work and realize that the entire time went in managing the work rather than working itself!

The technique is simple, just Unschedule your work.

Plan for the work that you have to do, to manage time for the work that you want to do

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6 ways to effective prototyping


Prototyping is a speedy creation of a full-scale model that helps evaluating a product without investing in actual development.

  • It promotes effective communication
  • Decreases development time
  • Decreases chances of costly mistakes at later stages

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Presentations for the modern web

Presentations | HTML5 | Designs

Presentations have always been an integral part of an organization to represent the core aspects, values and aesthetics to create an overall impression.

With the growing popularity of websites, social sharing and features to collaborate in the team environment, new techniques and tools are being developed to meet the changing pace.

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