How to 'Unschedule' your day to beat procrastination?

Productivity | Procrastination | TimeManagement

Our daily office routine holds many distractions in meetings, last-minute urgencies, breaks, helping others, etc. Sometimes, personal stuff such as paying off bills, a call from home to pick up groceries, etc. also distracts us. They not only disturb our planning & focus but also leads us to procrastinate our work eventually. Why?

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5 types of delegation: What is your style?

Delegation | LeadershipCoach | ManagementandLeadership | Success

Delegation is an essential leadership skill, yet it isn’t easy to manage it. Knowing your ‘delegation style’ will help you understand the right amount of effort required to delegate any task in the best manner!

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How to delegate effectively: A simple 6-step process

Delegation | LeadershipCoach | Leadership | Mindmap

Delegation is a skill & to delegate effectively is a process that everyone should learn & adapt to empower themselves & their team. You cannot delegate every task to your team members. It requires some efforts to decide which tasks you need to delegate and which you need to do yourself

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Webinar: Mind mapping for communicating when delegating

Delegation | Webinars | Leadership | Mindmap

In this webinar, I will talk about how mind mapping can be used for communicating when delegating. I will briefly cover the skills that are equally important for delegation & how delegation levels help decide the type of communication required delegating

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4 Reasons Why People Resist Delegation

Management & Leadership | Delegation | Leadership

Delegation of authority is very important to any organization as it empowers employees or team members. Many of us know the benefits of delegating and we do also, despite that, delegating is one of the most challenging aspects of leadership.

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