Project Management Practical Guide - Part 2

Project Management | Project Manager | Management & Leadership | Project Planning

For the second part, we’ll be learning about what to consider while monitoring project progress for successful completion. We’ll also discuss a few tips on how to get closer to finishing a project on schedule without changing your budget.

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Project Management Practical Guide - Part 1

Project Management | Project Manager | Management & Leadership | Project Planning

You can find yourself in the role of a project manager with little or no prior experience. This article is intended to help you get started in managing your project. Big or small, well managed projects have better end results. Whether you're leading a product development initiative or working on a complex presentation at work, the same basic steps for project management applies.

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What if plan goes wrong?

Life | Plans | Life Lessons | Improvement | Motivation

I am a planner and am sure so would you be.

I love having plans. It helps me have a direction and set a clear focus.

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2 Ways to Ensure Quality Requirements

Requirements | Requirement Analysis | Management | Requirements Engineering | Analysis

It is very important to know that ‘requirement’ is a very broad term for every project. It involves its own engineering process (Elicitation, Analysis, Modeling, Specifications, Validation & Management) to come to a point to be able to deliver the exact solution that meets all the business needs.

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It’s OK to be yourself

Beyourself | Inspiration | Personal Growth | Motivation | Self Love

How many times have you stopped yourself from saying things that you wanted to say worrying that what impression would it make of you? Would you appear silly, bossy, stupid or arrogant? When was the last morning when you woke up and felt excited about doing what you actually wanted to do rather than what you had to do? When was the last time you had the thought that you didn’t need caffeine to keep you going throughout the day?

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