Things that I do best!


I am here to help you craft a culture in your organization and among your employees to scale and grow. How?

  • Online and On-site trainings and preaching best management practices
  • Practical learning through interactive sessions
  • Tailored content as per your company practices and policies to make your employees get the most of it
  • Collaborative work approach

These are the things that I am best at!

  • Promote Project Management Best Practices
  • Team Management
  • Implement Processes
  • Manage Requirements And Stakeholders
  • Increase Productivity And Efficiency
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Online Classes

Knoweldge is best utlitlized when shared!

I help managers/analysts/consultants to organize their work and increase productivity in their routine work by creating content that helps learn concepts better. My writing and talking is inpired by the things I learn at my day-to-day work. Check them now!

On-Site Work

For over 6 years, I have worked as a Software Developer, Business Analyst, Project Co-ordinator and Project Manager with some great IT companies and as an Independent Consultant. I look forward to contribute my skills to develop great plans, provide cutting edge IT solutions, maintain and improve processes and defining strategies to achieve the desired goals.

A quick look at my core strengths:

  • Project Planning & Solution Designing
  • Requirements Elicitation & Management
  • Project Coordination & Team Management
  • UML Modelling & Prototyping


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